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Spectrasonics Trilian download torrent

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With its comprehensive design, Trillian combines various types of bass in exclusive virtual audio instruments.

Trilogy is created by the most versatile bass virtual instruments today with new exponential acoustic performance in real time. Electric bass, as well as front bass bass with high-quality power and audio editing. Trilogy is a sequel to the Spectrasonics award-winning bass trilogy, which includes control of music expression and greater flexibilitywhich is offered in the form of klank.Trilians 34GB library is 10 times larger than Trilogy and has all new acoustic, electric and bass synthesis.

Powered by next generation steam engine technology, Trilian is the first tool to integrate the Central Library with Omnisphere Synth’s Spectrasonics flags so Trilians can be used in the Omnisphere environment for more sound and keyboard design and basplasing.

At Spektrasonics we always love basgeluidethat is. notaEric Pershing, the founder and creative director. When we started 15 years ago, our first product was the best-selling Bass Legends sample library. In 2002, we introduced the Trilogy to the world’s first virtual musical instrument. We are now very excited to release Trilian, who represents our new generation of bass development. Trillian built on the STEAM Engine, which manages Omnisphere, which allows us to create the most expressive and flexible bass modules everwe did.


The new Acoustic and Electric bases at Trilian have been tested with very high level of detail. Combine intuitive software software, automatic slider selection articles for release as user-play – and Round-Robin options introduced for natural bass audio with repeated notes – creating more dynamic and subtle gameplay. The newly developed dynamic chip with multiple signals makes it realistic from one to the other. Each baseThe new has a variety of audio mixers between the microphones / locked phase amplifier and the direct output of each bass.


More than sixty different, 4, 5, 6 and 8 bass Bass wires with fingers, stacked, endless, mermaid, trimming and mute techniques that offer multiple sounds for each genre. Highlights include new bass bass music players 5-string bass studio, Chapman Stick, Lakland Rock P-Bass, Fender Jazz bass bass, Hardcore Rock Bass, Retro 1960 Epiphone Viola Bassimnogo more.

Trilians amazing nudityAcustic Bass is the most comprehensive Spectrasonics tool ever released, with 4 audio channels and over 21,000 samples to create a single instrument! All of this, coupled with the perfect high-definition video streaming audio, depicts the depth of realism in truly inspiring offerings.


For Synth sounds, Trillian combines a new algorithm developed with a 4-column solid filterand power with a swinging resonant suitable for electronic bass. Stotitsiot synthetic sources are created with more than 30 of the most exotic and desired hardware syntheses from the original Moog Bulk Traders to the latest analog modular analogist imitators. There are a lot of powerful volume control edits, including two FlexMod modulation system filters with more than 19 filter types, 6-step circular envelopes, 6 full LFOs, dual morphing modulation, FX rackmodular and more.

The Trilians FX rack includes FX vsichkiprochutite rack from Omni and Stylus RMX, which offers a variety of amplifier and speaker morism, demolition, dynamic processors, equalization, phase of the chorus phase, retirement, rhyme, unique special FX and others.


As the next generation bass instrument Spectrasonics, Trilian includes an enhanced version of the main library of Trilogys, which provides a new level of sound and expression. As a special bonus, SpektrasonicsOriginalmany legendary bassists include the Trillian libraries with Abraham Laboriel, John Patutuchidan Marcus Miller (the bass reads that some hardware synthesizers can be remembered from popular Roland Xpansion boards and MBD-1 bass modules).


Trilianis was the first virtual device to integrate central library with award-winning symbolic Omnisphere award. Full Trilians audio library can be opened at Omnisphere for further capabilities and capabilitiesadvanced performance.

TriliansArpeggiator has the available Spectrasonics Lock Groove technology, the aperture in Omni and the Stylus RMXs Designer Time, which means that easy drag, bass feel, creating Trilians Arpeggiator, can perfectly synchronize between three Spectrasonics tools.


The new CustomKontroles interface on the main page of each section brings the most useful and interesting controls to change the sound for this patch and a doridal control can change a lotparameters to create unique FX rates. User control is MIDI learning, automatically and users can create their own user management configuration.

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